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From CPL's webpage:

Chicago's Haunted Hotspots with Author Ursula Bielski

Date: Wed. October 30, 2013

Time: 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

5331 W. Devon Avenue

About this event:

Ursula Bielski, renowned paranormal historian and author of the Chicago Haunts series and Creepy Chicago: A Ghosthunter's Tales of the City's Scariest Sites, will share stories about Chicago’s supernatural folklore and haunted hotspots. Ursula’s stories are sure to give you a good fright just in time for Halloween! For ages 16 yrs. and up. Please register for this program by calling (312) 744-8313.

Registration Required

Anyone else planning on going? I really enjoy Bielski's books an would love to see her in person.
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Of the 2,000+ veteran teachers and support staff recently fired, many of them apparently will be replaced by Teach For America (TFA) students and interns. Meanwhile, Mayor Emanuel has earmarked $55mil in TIF money for a basketball stadium for a private university. It's clear where his priorities lie, I guess.
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I'm a little late getting this posted but I said I'd do a write up for the Taste so here goes...

To take advantage of the best combination of pop-up restaurants my family and I went on Thursday the 11th and Sunday the 14th. We managed to find a nice shady spot in a field not too far from Buckingham Fountain.
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Does anyone else follow Chicago Bites? I was very charmed by their most recent post Does Your Breakfast Bite? Here's What To Do About It. in no small part because the place they mention is pretty close to where I live.

Are there any local blogs you read regularly?

What are some of your favorite neighborhood independent businesses?
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Anyone else excited about the Taste of Chicago? Any particular restaurants you're looking forward to? There are so many foods I want to try. Too bad it's only a five days.
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I live in Albany Park, so this is potentially worrisome to me. We've been here almost 4 years and I don't remember hearing about flooding like this before.

Any other AP residents want to chime in?
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On the third Thursday of every month, Adler Planetarium has an After Dark event. Tickets are $12 in advance, $17 at the door (less for members) and include access to all exhibits and shows (including the Historic Atwood Sphere which is normally a $6 ticket and is so totally cool you guys). If you can get there before 7:45 you can also check out the Doane observatory for free, OR you can reserve a ticket for it ahead of time.

I was lucky enough to check out the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy themed event, but upcoming ones center around the Moon, Future Tech, and Alien Invasions. Remember that it's 21+, there's an open bar, and you can take the 146 bus or park in a nearby lot for $13.
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Sprinkles Bakery has unveiled a 24 hour cupcake vending machine at 50 E Walton St. It's credit card only, no cash, and cupcakes are $4 a pop (they're $3.50 in the store). You can see the menu calendar here.
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The Field Museum has a 2-day summer camp for 3-4 year olds. It's peanut free and looks pretty awesome.
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Toddling Around Chicagoland has put out a list of places that have pumpkin patches this year in and around Chicago.

Are there any pumpkin patches she missed that you like to go to?

Where do you like to go to get your Corn Maze (Maize Maze?), Haunted House, Hayride, Face Painting, Pony Ride, Pumpkin Picking, needs fulfilled?

Leave a comment!
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Just an update on the CPL "Blue Moon" Fine Forgiveness program... I went in to my library branch today, handed over my card, and asked for a fine waiver. It took about a minute and we were done and I was able to check out materials. :) If you have outstanding material due OR if you just owe the library some money, now's the time to head in and ask for forgiveness.
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The Illinois Railway Museum in Union, Illinois is having a Museum Showcase Weekend on September 15th and 16th, featuring some of the less frequently run equipment at the IRM... including the Nebraska Zephyr, a caboose train, and two historic CTA trains/cars. If you or a kid (or kid at heart) in your life is into trains, that'll be a good weekend to check things out!

NOTE: the museum is mostly out of doors and is not VERY accessible. While there are designated handicap parking spaces on asphalt, most of the parking is on grass and most of the museum is outside so there's lots of walking on grass. The historic trains aren't very accessible either, with high steps and narrow doorways. Please keep that in mind. There are paved walkways and accessible toilet facilities.
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Press Release

August 6, 2012

Ruth Lednicer
(312) 747-4050


Students Can Start the School Year with a Clean Slate

For the first time in 20 years, the Chicago Public Library is offering a fine amnesty program to encourage all patrons to return overdue materials and not allow fines to discourage students from taking advantage of the full resources offered at the library.

“This program will allow parents and children the chance to start the school year with a clean record and enable them to check out materials that will help with their studies and classes,” said Mayor Rahm Emanuel. “Regardless of the reason for not returning an item, students with overdue materials can start fresh and take advantage of the Library and its extensive resources for their studies.”

Coinciding with the astronomical phenomenon taking place on August 31, the Library is naming the program the “Once in a Blue Moon Amnesty,” reinforcing the fact that it is not a regular occurrence.

From August 20 through September 7, late fines will be waived on all books, CDs, DVDs and other materials, no matter how long overdue. The amnesty will apply to all patrons and if an item has been lost, they will be responsible for paying only the replacement cost.

“In conducting this amnesty, we expect to recover thousands of outstanding items, the value of which will most likely exceed the lost revenue in fines. This will recoup the City’s investment in the materials and, most importantly, make them available for other patrons to use,” said Library Commissioner Brian Bannon. “This program aligns with our commitment to lowering the barriers to library use for all Chicagoans, especially those most in need of our services.”

Dating from January 2011, the Library is currently owed $1.4 million in unpaid fines from overdue materials with an estimated worth of more than $2 million. The Library collects approximately $2 million a year in revenue from fines.

The last fine amnesty Chicago Public Library conducted was in 1992, in which juvenile cards were wiped of fines once materials were returned. There was also a one-week fine amnesty in June 1985 for all library patrons, at which time 77,000 books were returned—representing approximately $1.5 million worth of materials.

Similar fine amnesty programs have been very successful in other cities in the past few years. Washington, D.C. conducted a two-month amnesty at the beginning of 2012, recovering 21,075 items and updating more than 34,000 patron accounts, most of which had been inactive for more than three years. When Boston waived fines owed by 57,000 kids, their young adult card registrations went up 85 percent and circulation increased by 10 percent.

According to their facebook posting and comments, if you owe a fine but have no overdue media you can simply go in person into your library branch and request a fine waive.
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Anything exciting going on this weekend? Drop your links in comments.

Here's some things I've found:

All Weekend:
Chicago Horror Film Fest
Chicago Oktoberfest in Lakeview
Randolph Street Market Fest

Sept 25th:
Zombie Walk through Portage Park (part of the horror film fest)!
SNL Premier Viewing Party hosted by iO Theater.
Edgewater Gralley (art! food! Live entertainment!)
Hyde Park Jazz Festival (music! jazz! AWESOME! Free!)

Sept 26th:
Scrabble Sundays at Swim Cafe. Get a free drink, you word nerd you!
Mad Men viewing party with cheap appetizers and FANCY DRINKS.
Millas y Kilómetros, a traveling art exhibit by artists of Mexican descent.

There is always something to do in Chicago!
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Has anybody worked with PIRG? They are hosting an activist workshop in Oak Park, info here.

I'm intrigued, but think I'd rather join somebody else's group than form my own, and it seems a little geared at starting your own activist groups... although there's a chance to meet other activists "in your area." So there's that.

Any thoughts on this? Or on PIRG in general?
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Fall is coming, and we live in the midwest. Do you have the itch to go out among ~nature~ and pick apples, pumpkins, or something else?

Here is a guide to pick-your-own stuff sorted out by county. I'm trying to get together a group of friends to go apple picking later in the month, and possibly get pumpkins as well. Have you ever gone apple picking? Do you make a yearly trip to the pumpkin patch, get a Jack-O-Lantern at the grocery store, or not bother with Halloween at all?
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A friend linked me to this:

You can get a "bachelors" membership for $40 instead of $80, and a "master" membership for $55 instead of $115. It's going fast, though.
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If you're interested in seeing more of Chicago, up close and personal, here are some Chicago area tours:

Chicago Neighborhood Tours offers tours of various neighborhoods and places of interest. It looks like they last 4-5 hours, cost $30 per adult, and feature "light refreshment."

The City of Chicago offers a Chicago Greeter service which is free, and looking for volunteers. Interested in being an ambassador for the city? Sign up here!

Chicago Food Planet has "food tours" of neighborhood restaurants.

Chicago Ethnic Grocery Tours offers tours of grocery stores with information about lesser-known ingredients and items carried in those stores.

Chicago Traveler has a collection of tours separated out by type (walking, boat, air, bus, etc).
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Well, it turns out that Richard M. Daley is not running for re-election. My initial thought was that one of his kids is, and he's backing that kid. But apparently not.


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