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The Field Museum has a 2-day summer camp for 3-4 year olds. It's peanut free and looks pretty awesome.
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The Illinois Railway Museum in Union, Illinois is having a Museum Showcase Weekend on September 15th and 16th, featuring some of the less frequently run equipment at the IRM... including the Nebraska Zephyr, a caboose train, and two historic CTA trains/cars. If you or a kid (or kid at heart) in your life is into trains, that'll be a good weekend to check things out!

NOTE: the museum is mostly out of doors and is not VERY accessible. While there are designated handicap parking spaces on asphalt, most of the parking is on grass and most of the museum is outside so there's lots of walking on grass. The historic trains aren't very accessible either, with high steps and narrow doorways. Please keep that in mind. There are paved walkways and accessible toilet facilities.
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A friend linked me to this:

You can get a "bachelors" membership for $40 instead of $80, and a "master" membership for $55 instead of $115. It's going fast, though.
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Vida Breve...

The National Museum of Mexican Art, in Pilsen, is hosting "the largest annual day of the dead exhibition in the nation" from September 10th to December 13th, with the opening reception on Friday, September 10th, from 6:00pm-8:30pm. Check out their web page for more details!


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