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Sprinkles Bakery has unveiled a 24 hour cupcake vending machine at 50 E Walton St. It's credit card only, no cash, and cupcakes are $4 a pop (they're $3.50 in the store). You can see the menu calendar here.
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Fall is coming, and we live in the midwest. Do you have the itch to go out among ~nature~ and pick apples, pumpkins, or something else?

Here is a guide to pick-your-own stuff sorted out by county. I'm trying to get together a group of friends to go apple picking later in the month, and possibly get pumpkins as well. Have you ever gone apple picking? Do you make a yearly trip to the pumpkin patch, get a Jack-O-Lantern at the grocery store, or not bother with Halloween at all?
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I thought it might be fun if people posted about various places, events, neighborhoods, festivals, stores, eateries, etc in the city. Today I'm going to cover The Abbey Pub.

A neighborhood feature at 3420 West Grace Street, Chicago, IL 60618 since 1973, The Abbey Pub is a pub and restaurant featuring live music, open mic nights, karaoke, sports events, and an Irish-American brunch on the weekends. If you're looking for your fill of rugby, soccer, and Gaelic Football in a convivial atmosphere, The Abbey Pub is the place for you. They also have a unique bi-level seating arrangement. I like to go onto the second floor, order food, and look down at the band and crowd below while eating.


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